Bawburgh's History


Archaeological findings have proved that life has existed in Bawburgh, and its surroundings, for thousands of years.  We can only hope to pick up the picture of the area around the time that Walstan was born here (Walstan's Home page), and the time of the Domesday Book, which tells us of the existence of a Mill at that time.  So Bawburgh has "always" been a desirable place to live!

Since the publication of the village magazine in 1983, the Bawburgh News, many columns have been written about Bawburgh's fascinating history, both distant and recent.

Between 1993 and 1995 this took the form of an ABC of Bawburgh, and a compilation was published in 1995 and has subsequently been updated and extended.  The History Alphabet web page will use the Alphabet to consider Bawburgh's landmarks, events and characters.

In January 2000, Bawburgh's Century 1900-1999 was also published in a similar format, compiling ten articles published during the years 1996 to 1999, covering each decade of the 20th Century. Then in 2016 the next decade covering 2000-2009 was published.

History moves on, and is being made on a daily basis.

Any historical photographs would be very much appreciated by the Editor of the Bawburgh News. Mail to the Editor, please

The intention of this section, therefore, is to give a taste of Bawburgh's fascinating and colourful past - the Editor would be delighted to receive additions and corrections.

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