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Betty Martins, former Editor of Bawburgh News

December 2016 celebrations. Thank you Betty for all you have done. And thank you Rob for all you are about to do.

Rob Anthony, new Editor of Bawburgh News

Betty Martins, who was the editor of our village newspaper, the Bawburgh News, for 25 years, handed over the editorial role to Rob Anthony at the end of 2016. Her last issue was numbered 399. Rob Anthony took over the reins with issue number 400, January 2017. We would like to thank Betty for all her efforts in providing us with such a gem of a magazine, and we wish Rob well in his new role within the village.

Cutting the Cake

The Dream Team

Betty would like to thank her 'Dream Team' (now Rob's) for surprising her with a 'Thank You' party recognising 25 years of editorship, which included 20 members of the teams past and present. She says special thanks to the Baynes, who hosted the event, Jenny Press, who was behind much of the organisation, Carol Stephens who assembled 'thoughts and memories', Sandy Munro (possibly the longest standing contributor) who said a few words, Helen Liddle who made the amazing cake, Joy Hipwell who sourced the lovely momento in the shape of an Acer tree which will accompany her wherever they move next. And of course the rest of the team, who also contributed towards an array of food and drink suitable for the occasion. It summed up just how special Bawburgh is.

In Betty's words:-

"The editorship has definitely not been a chore, and neither has the taking part of whatever else was going on in the village. It is without trepidation that I hand you over to a new team and period in the magazine's history. It has been a pleasure and privilege to have been part of this wonderful community for so long"  which for Betty goes back nearly 50 years, to 1968 when she moved to Marlingford Road with her parents, her marriage to Graham at Bawburgh Church in 1974 and Emma's Baptism with Saint Walstan's Holy Water in 1978.   See more on Betty and Rob.

The Bawburgh News has pages filled with gathered news articles, some old and some new. Familiar series such as: stories of people from around Norfolk, history, poetry corner, Bawburgh Voices and Wild About Bawburgh, will fill our columns thanks to our resident contributors, and other pages will provide a platform for news from the Church, Parish Council and Village Hall to inform the village of their goings-on.  This monthly magazine is distributed to nearly all households in Bawburgh, and around 20 are sent by post to other parts of the country.  If you would like to receive Bawburgh News or if you would like to advertise in the magazine, please email the editor at 

The magazine was started in 1983 by then-resident Carol Twinch, who left the village in 1991 and the magazine responsibility then passed to Betty Martins until end 2016, to be passed in turn to Rob Anthony. Copy date is the 20th of the preceding month, and distribution is effected during the last weekend of each month. Hopefully this site will not replace the printed version (price 4 per annum - 10 for inland postal copies).

The magazine also produces a large historical record of the village and a diary of forthcoming events and a Who's Who of the village.  To add to any of these features email the editor at 

  Regular features of the magazine include:

The Editor is always open to more ideas and, during the year, hopes to publish photos from villagers.  Please send your photos for publication

Copy date for Bawburgh News:

Before 20th of preceding month

But much earlier if at all possible

Bawburgh News is extremely grateful for the donation from the Parish Council of 40 year 2016, which will enable an extra or coloured page during the year.


Report on Bawburgh News Annual Meeting 24th October 2017

On Tuesday 24 October, many of the people involved in producing the Bawburgh News got together to discuss how things were going.

Rob Anthony, the Editor, thanked everyone for their hard work in making sure the News was produced each month and delivered in over 200 households. It was agreed that we should include more historical information from the archives and, where possible, have more colour editions. There was also a welcome for the new 'booklet' format of the News.

The change of format had increased costs slightly but the financial position was still healthy. However, a small increase in advertising charges was agreed.

The Results of the National Parish Magazine Awards

Each year, Bawburgh News is entered into the National Parish Magazine awards run by a publisher.  Results are shown below.








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There is a continual improvement in ranking, and we look forward to even better things in 2018.





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