A Short History of Former Editor, Betty Martins

In 1968 Betty and her family moved to Bawburgh and in 1974 she married Graham in the village church. They moved to Little Melton, while in his spare time Graham helped to build the house where they live and where, in 1978, their daughter Emma was born and later baptised in Bawburgh church.

"Bawburgh News is and always will be a village affair."
(Betty, October 2004)

Betty was given a cine camera for her 21st birthday and in 1980 she won first prize, a mini television, in the UK round of a World Wide Film Festival competition. Betty has always loved recording what goes on around her, as she told me - "Photography is a huge part of my life - evidence 4,000 photos just of Bawburgh!"

When Carol Twinch produced the first Bawburgh News way back in 1983, Betty became her deputy, then editor in 1991.

Percy Garrod was Bawburgh's Eastern Daily Press correspondent from 1947 until 1974, followed by Carol Twinch. In 1991 Betty took over the role as well as editor of the Bawburgh News.

She has also found time to raise funds for several charities, including Macmillan Nurses. When I asked her how long she has run Bawburgh's coffee morning tombola, her reply was, "Good question! One of those jobs you agree to, and don't realize that (17 years) later you are still doing it." She organised her last tombola on 3rd December 2016.

In 2014 Bawburgh News came 98th out of 600 entries in the National Parish Magazine Awards, pretty good going for such a small village and a great deal to do with Betty's editorship! Then, this July she let it be known that she was definitely retiring. Could this be the end of Bawburgh News? But all is well, I am sure that our new editor, Rob Anthony and the rest of the team will strive to live up to the high standard you have set us, Betty.

My thanks to Carol Stephens for the use of some of her Bawburgh News October 1998 interview with Betty.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Jenny Press


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