Church Services

Bawburgh's St. Mary and St. Walstan's church is one of four churches within the Easton Benefice. The other three churches include St. Peter's church (Easton), St. Andrew's church (Colton), and St. Mary's church (Marlingford).  Church services for the Benefice are provided below. 

The Easton Benefice: Committed to worshipping and working together to share the love of God

Services for August 2018

Date Bawburgh Colton Easton Marlingford
Sunday 5th August  10.00am Benefice Communion      
Sunday 12th August     3.30pm Half 3 with Tea 10.00am Benefice Communion
Sunday 19th August   10.00am Benefice Communion at Colton Village Hall    
Sunday 26th August     10.00am Benefice Communion  
Sunday 2nd September 10.00am Benefice Communion      

If anyone wants to go to any of the Services and needs a lift, please contact the church warden.

Communion at Home can be arranged for those who, because of illness or frailty are unable to come to the Sunday Service.

If you have any queries about services, Baptisms and funerals, you can contact Rev. Penny on 01603 279393 or by email at

Bible Study

If you are interested in understanding the scriptures, we meet every other Monday at 7.30pm throughout the year. For those interesting in attending, please contact Rev. Penny (see above) or the church warden.

Prayer Group

The Prayer Group meets at Easton Church at 1.00pm every other Tuesday throughout the year. For those interested in attending, please contact Rev. Penny (see above) or the church warden.


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