Bawburgh Village

Friends of Bawburgh Church

The Friends of Bawburgh Church are an independent like-minded group who want to help protect our heritage, to hand over to the next generation.
Bawburgh Church is ancient, dating back to 1016, it is thought that the current round tower also dates back to then. Round tower churches are found mostly in East Anglia, there are about 185 surviving examples of which 124 are found in Norfolk.

Bawburgh’s round tower needs completely repointing and we have been given an estimated cost of £65,000 which includes the scaffolding.

The Fund Raising Project

We are currently looking to raise funds to complete the renovation of the round tower along with two other identifiable projects:

A) The main Church roof requires minor works to the rainwater gutters and down pipes costing £6,500 and this sum has become the first target to reach.

B) There are several precious wall paintings inside the church that require conservation and these will become our second project, we are awaiting a specialist review to determine the cost of the conservation.

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