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Bawburgh Church

Saint Mary and Saint Walstan's Church, Bawburgh dates back to Saxon times, and is closely associated with Saint Walstan who was born and buried in Bawburgh. There was a church here in 1016, the year of Saint Walstan's burial and the round tower may well have been in existence then. The round tower is capped by a flame made of oak, as a symbol of the tongues of fire descending on the early Christians at Pentecost.

The congregation is open and welcoming and the style of services reflects this. A childrens' area is provided.

Restoration of the Bell

The bell was restored and rehung in October 2014. The bell weighs several tons and is dated 1635.  It was cast by the famous Norwich bell maker John Brend. The work involved removal of the bell from its cradle so that a new headstock (the beam that carries the bell) could be inserted and then the alteration of the ringing device so that instead of being chimed the bell is partially swung. What is rather nice is that several of the newly installed parts come from other churches in Norfolk - the headstock and clapper come from Saxlingham Nethergate, the chiming lever from St Nicholas Kings Lynn and the bell rope from Necton. Its rather good to know these items have been 'recycled!' Peter Trent, the craftsman carrying out the work, has pointed out that several of the oak beams in the ringing chamber supporting the bell mechanism are considerably older than the bell itself and are in remarkedly good condition, considering their age. 
Further information on the restoration of the bell (with pictures)


Detailed information on our Church can be found on the Norfolk Churches website:

Harvest and Dedication of the Noticeboard

St Mary and St Walstan's Harvest Festival Service and the dedication of the newly acquired Welcome Noticeboard took place on the 7th October 2018. It was a lovely autumn day with lots of sunshine, good for standing in the churchyard while Rev. Penny carried out the blessing of the noticeboard prior to the harvest festival service back in the church. All produce from harvest went to Food Bank. (Photo below shows produce from the Bawburgh School Harvest Service previously held in the Church a few days before).

Rev.Penny Blessing the New Welcome Noticeboard - photo by David Goodman 

Dedicating the New Welcome Noticeboard - photo by David Goodman

Harvest Festival Produce in the Church - Photo by David Goodman