Bawburgh Youth Club

Last Friday of every Month 6:15 Ė 8 pm
£2 per child including free squash, activities and monthly theme or £5 for a family of 3

Activities include Arts and Crafts, snooker, pool, table tennis, board games, chill out reading corner, music, computer games, outside fun.

All children welcome between age 6-13
Don't forget to bring some change for the Tuck shop, prices from only 5p

Please note that the Youth Club is always looking for volunteers or suitable donations to help run the Youth Club's activities. If you feel you could help in any way, please contact Sarah Lambiase  at School








Bawburgh Voices with Mary Wilkinson: From Bawburgh News Issue December 2016


The Village Hall is full of witches, vampires, monsters and other magical creatures.  Fifty-five members of Bawburgh Youth Club celebrate Halloween!

Mary meets: Eleanor (13), Riyo (8), Annabel (8), Grace (8), Chloe (9 Ĺ), Gabby (9), Jess (9), Charlie (10), Carlin (11), Mia (10). They have been members for between a month and four years, and come from Bawburgh, Bowthorpe, Hethersett, New Costessey, and Norwich.


Q: If you live, or have lived, in Bawburgh what do you like about it? Is it a good place for young people? Anything youíd like to change?


A: Eleanor: Itís quieter than the city. We have a big garden, so we can have a dog. There's somewhere to play - the Park [the field and playground behind the Village Hall], better than playing in the street. But I wish there were more children of my age.

A: Riyo: Hearing morning birdsong, going down to the river, enjoying nature rather than videogames. It's safer than the city because you know people and theyíre friendly.

A: Grace: I like Bawburgh the way it is.


Q: What do you like about the Youth Club?


A: Gabby, Jess, Charlie, Carlin, Mia, Riyo, Eleanor: Talking and playing with friends                    

A: Grace, Eleanor: Crafts                                                                                                            

A: Mia: I like the Club more than others Iíve attended because itís fun, thereís more to do, and there arenít so many rules!


Q: What do you enjoy doing after school and at weekends? 


A: Gabby, Jess, Eleanor, Mia: Reading

A: Annabel, Gabby, Charlie: Gymnastics

A: Carlin, Charlie: Trampolining

A: Mia, Carlin: BMX

A: Grace, Chloe: Painting, drawing


Q: What are your favourite foods?


A: Top favourite is pizza; then candy floss. Followed by hot dogs, chicken nuggets, cockles, chocolate, spaghetti Bolognese, and brownies


Q: Where do you to go to school?


A: Bawburgh: Riyo, Annabel, Grace, Gabby, Jess, Charlie, Carlin and Chloe - ĎItís the brilliantest school in the world!í;

A: Hethersett Junior: Mia; Wymondham High: Eleanor


Q: What do you most enjoy at school?


A: Gabby, Eleanor, Grace, Chloe: Art         

A: Annabel, Mia, Chloe, Riyo: Maths

A: Mia: Science

A: Chloe, Jess: Literacy, English. Charlie: Lots of sport eg rugby; Carlin: PE; Eleanor: Handball


Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?


A: Eleanor: At the moment Iím choosing my GCSEs

A: Riyo: Archaeologist

A: Annabel: Gymnast, mathematician

A: Mia: Physicist, studying dark matter

A: Grace: Art teacher

A: Chloe: Artist

A: Gabby: Hairdresser or doctor

A: Jess: Lawyer

A: Carlin: BMX-professional

A: Charlie: Olympic gymnast


Q: If you had a magic wand what would you want to change in the world?


A: Riyo: Iíd turn everything into food!

A: Chloe: Get my dad out of his wheelchair, get the dream house

A: Mia: Make sure that Donald Trump doesn't become president of the US [Very sorry you were disappointed, Mia]

A: Charlie: Stop animal abuse, child abuse, racism, in fact everything involving abuse, get people to treat others as they'd like to be treated themselves

A: Carlin: The same as Charlie

A: Eleanor: Try to make everyone as happy as possible in whatever way I could

A: Annabel: Thereíd be no poor people

A: Grace: Everyone would have a home

A: Gabby: Stop terrorists

A: Jess: Stop wars, help poor children and refugees


Thank you to Sarah Lambiase and Lorraine Owen for making me welcome, and for inviting me to judge the Fancy Dress Competition! There were some brilliant costumes. And a big thank you to Eleanor, Riyo, Annabel, Grace, Chloe, Gabby, Jess, Charlie, Carlin and Mia for your interesting and thoughtful answers to my questions. I really enjoyed meeting you all.


Mary Wilkinson






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