Bawburgh Parish Council



David Goodman 01603 748741

Vice Chairman


Peter Markham 01603 811339
Parish Clerk


Nicola Ledain 07855 947797
Councillors Brenda Bell, Pam Hedges, Philip Quinn, Mark Tudor, Colin Clark


Parish Information

Information on Parish Councils, including their powers and duties, the role of Parish Councillors and Parish information can be found on the South Norfolk Website

Parish Council Meetings are held on the third Thursday of alternate months at the village hall, unless otherwise specified in the minutes.

Notes of recent meetings can be found in  

The Chairman's Report for the year 2017 -2018 is provided  here 


New Parish Clerk for 2018

Bawburgh Parish Council is pleased to appoint Nicola Ledain, from Hellesdon, as our new Parish Clerk, replacing Cathy Alborough who resigned on 31 December 2017 - so she can now spend more time with her family. Cathy has served our Parish most diligently for 15 months. Nicola will be on duty at her first Parish Meeting on Thursday 18 January 2018. Her contact details are as above.


Change of County Councillor May 2017

Judith Virgo is standing down as Bawburgh's County Councillor in May 2017. She has represented the village at Norfolk County Council for over eleven years, first being elected in May 2006 and serving one term until standing down in 2009. However, she returned as the councillor in a by-election in January 2011, triggered by the resignation of Daniel Cox. Judith stood again at the end of her term in May 2013 and was re-elected with a large majority. She has been a member of the Children's Services Committee and the Council's Scrutiny Committee. Now she has decided to stand down and retire from her role as a councillor. At the Bawburgh Parish Council meeting on 16 March 2017, Judith informed the members and thanked them for their support over the years. David Goodman, the Chair of the Parish Council, proposed a motion of thanks to Judith, "for her long service and wise advise over the years". This motion was agreed unanimously. Thank you, Judith.

On Thursday 4th May, David Bills, the Conservative candidate, was elected our new Norfolk County Councillor. He is happy to be contacted if villagers need help. His contact details can be viewed here.


New Parish Clerk September 2016

Bawburgh Parish Council is pleased to appoint Cathy Alborough, from Hethersett, as our new Parish Clerk, replacing Chris Lacey who has recently resigned - so he can spend more time travelling and seeing his family. Chris has served our Parish most admirably for three and a half years, with utmost professionalism, devotion and diligence and we are indebted to him for bringing Bawburgh up-to-date with modern technology and methodology - in ensuring we conform to recently introduced transparency requirements. Cathy Alborough, our new Parish Councillor, will be on duty at her first Parish Meeting on Thursday 15th September 2016.



The Parish Council have worked hard for years on Bawburgh residents' behalf to establish road safety through our village.

View here an article which was published in Bawburgh News in October 2014 on SPEEDWATCH.