December 2010 - Family dogs Update







Alfie, Max and Bonnie in order as shown in photo

Several people have asked how our two new dogs are getting on (not so new now as we have had them nearly 5 months), so thought I would issue an update. Bonnie (10 year old cross terrier) and Max (8 year old miniature long haired Dachshund), have settled in well and believe this is now their permanent home. The first month they were so quiet, leaving all the barking to Alfie. Now they all compete with one another, not really knowing why they are barking half the time. Bonnie and Alfie (our original 10 year old Patterdale terrier) still have a strained relationship and it is anybody’s guess as to who really is top dog (beside me that is, and I insist on having the last word). Bonnie tries to boss Alfie about – telling him to back off when she goes through doors or when he gets too close when she is snoozing on her bean bag, or playing with her toy. Whenever she goes over the top with her bossing, he lays down the law by pinning her to the floor with much gusto and growling. She squeals as if he is killing her but there is never a mark on her when he finally releases her. Max, and Alfie get on fine and are often found lying together on Alfie’s rug on the sofa. Bonnie is allowed up on the sofa as far as Alfie is concerned just so long as she is at the far end and not near him. I mentioned Bonnie’s toy. This is the love of her life from her previous owner. I think it is supposed to be a bear but really it is anyone’s guess. It is a threadbare soft toy, innards falling out, which she greets every morning like a long lost friend, cuddles up to, kneads with her paws and goes to sleep sucking. Her previous owner always said she was going ‘walk-about’ when she did this. Strangely, Alfie, who would tear any other soft toy to pieces, has never touched Bonnie’s. Max is entirely different. He likes laps. Alfie now allows him to go on laps and at times I find myself trying to accommodate the 2 of them as they both want a cuddle at the same time. Food time is unbelievable. I feed Alfie first, Bonnie second and Max last. As I put the food down, Max goes up to each dish pushing his nose in to check what is on the menu. Last week I added some left over steak to each of their dishes. Max did the usual rounds and pushed his nose into Alfie’s dish, then actually pinched a piece of steak from right under Alfie’s nose. Alfie didn’t turn a hair and just kept on eating. He would have killed any other dog if they had tried to get his food. I call this ‘Max power’.  

I wonder what they will get up to next.

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