January 2013 - Nature and the Norfolk Dialect

This 'Wild About Bawburgh' is a little different to other issues as I am asking for your help in creating a list of Norfolk dialect names for animals and plants. The idea originally came from a conversation with Colin Robinson, who has been enthralled by the Norfolk names for wildlife. So here is what I have already. Please let me know any additions that can be made to the list. Let's keep the Norfolk dialect alive!

Ant - Pishamire Horse - Hoss
Bittern - Buttle Jackdaw - Caddow/Cadder
Blue Tit - Oven Bird (from shape of nest) Ladybird - Bishy-Barney-Bee
Chaffinch - Spink Lapwing - Hornpie
Chicken - Hin Long-tailed Tit - same as for blue tit
Dog - Dawg Owl - Jill-hooter
Donkey - Dickey Rhubarb - Rubub
Earwig - Erriwiggle Shrew - Ranny
Frog - Hopp'n Toad Snail - Dodman
Greenfinch - Greenulf Song Thrush - Mavish
Gold Crest - Herring Spink Tadpole - Pollywiggle
Gold Finch - King Harry Wasp - Jasper
Hedge Sparrow - Hedge Betty Whinchat - Furrow-chuck
Heron - Harnser Wood Louse - Barneypig/Charleypig/Sowpig



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