August 2013 - Encounters with Wildlife

Photo taken by Lindsey Stephens 3rd July 2013


Photo taken by Lindsey Stephens 3rd July 2013


Photo taken by Lindsey Stephens 3rd July 2013


This month I would like to share some encounters with wildlife within the Bawburgh community.

On 3rd July Carol Stephens encountered two adult swans and a cygnet asleep in the middle of her driveway. She was coming home lunchtime when they refused to move however close to them she drove. Evelyn, her neighbour, was watching and decided to try to shoo them away. The adult swans did not go for Carol or Evelyn but they did peck last year's cygnet, which they obviously thought should go and find his own way in the world. They only fluffed up their wings at Carol and Evelyn. Carol went in to get some bread thinking this was a sure way to move them onto the green but they wouldn't budge and weren't even keen on eating the bread! In the end Carol resorted to edging forward in the car. Eventually they moved - in a very leisurely fashion but enough for her to drive round them! Good job she wasn't in a hurry.


Following on from the article in June this year on Toads, Betty Martins confided - 'Reminds me of when I was in my twenties. The light was left on at the front door, when I was out and about, and late home. This attracted toads and frogs, which have never been my favourite animal. They lurked beneath the ledge at the bottom of the front door to scare me!!'

There was a real life drama at Colin and Rosemary Robinson's this spring. They have a robin nesting box (slot at the top), which is used every year. Around February/March time a robin duly built its nest and laid 4 eggs (viewed with a mirror). Following a terrible noise of upset birds outside, they noticed house sparrows going in and out. Inspecting the nest, they found a newly built sparrow's nest on top of the robin's, looking ready for the sparrows to start laying. Next day big fight: Robin (male) versus Sparrow. Following this, the Robin was seen taking nesting material OUT of the box. Next day on investigation with the mirror, the Sparrow's nest had completely gone exposing the old nest with the four eggs! These four eggs duly hatched and a family of robins raised. 

Please contact me if you have any wildlife encounters you would like to share.

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