July 2016 - Wildlife Rescue

I thought I would pass on this anecdote from Carol Stephens. I use her words:

"As I arrived home at 5pm on Friday (20th May) I was met by a group of young boys who'd found ten baby mallard ducklings wandering along Harts Lane with no sign of their mother. They stayed with the ducklings while I searched again along Harts Lane and back along the river but no sign of their mother or any other ducks at all. I contacted the RSPCA who advised putting them in a box as near as possible to where they'd been found and leaving them alone for an hour in the hope the mother would return. While waiting I asked some nearby residents but no-one had seen any mothers with ducklings. It was out of office hours when I rang the RSPCA again so my call went through to Yorkshire. They then contacted a local officer who later rang to ask if I could keep the ducklings overnight and they would collect them in the morning. We have two young cats so a neighbour very kindly agreed to keep the ducklings in her shed. I checked on them again before it got dark and made sure they had water for the night and we all just hoped they'd survive. To our relief all ten ducklings were alive and well the next morning. And by 9.30am they were in the care of the RSPCA and on their way to a wildlife centre in King's Lynn to be looked after until they were big enough to be released into the wild! I was exhausted but happy they'd have another chance of a full life." 



Thank you to all who were involved in the rescue mission - and especially Carol for caring so passionately about our wildlife.

I would also like to thank Carol for informing us of the extremely rare sighting of a bee-eater at Winterton in May. Carol's sister and brother-in-law managed to get a picture of this multicoloured bird, shown here.


I would also like to thank Jenny Press for her photo of a summer fungus, growing on the decaying stump of an apple tree in her garden.

All anecdotes, wildlife sightings and photos are very much appreciated.



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