November 2017 - 10 Animal Myths

Myth 1 All moths eat clothes: Of the 2,500 species of moths found in the UK, there are only 2 common species responsible for eating clothes. These will attack any fabrics made from animal sources such as wool. They will not attack synthetics or cotton. Moths are often blamed for damage caused by the common carpet beetle larvae (these look like small furry caterpillars, and are sometimes referred to as woolly bears).

Myth 2 Butterflies are more beautiful than moths: Simply not true. Many of the moths, rather than being brown non-descript insects, are colourful and beautiful e.g. the hawk moths. Alternatively, butterflies can also be brown non-descript insects.

Myth 3 Moths only fly by night, Butterflies by day: Untrue. It is true that most moths fly by night, but it is also true that many species do fly during the day e.g. cinnabar moth, hummingbird hawk moth. It is also true that some butterflies fly at night e.g. red admirals can fly at night as well as during the day.

Myth 4 The saying - as blind as a bat: Bats are not blind. They live in the dark and use echolocation to find their way about. They have small fully functional eyes as well as excellent sense of smell.

Myth 5 Flying bats get tangled in long hair: It is very unusual for bats to get entangled in people's hair, and they are not interested in flying into your hair. Bats may fly close to you in search of insect food which you have disturbed but their amazing use of echolocation will prevent them from landing on you.

Myth 6 You can't teach an old dog new tricks: Simply not true. It has been shown that dogs of any age can be taught new tricks. All it needs is patience and motivation by the owner.

Myth 7 Goldfish have a 3 second memory span: Untrue. Goldfish recognise other goldfish, their surroundings, food times, and the person who feeds them. Their memories last months.

Myth 8 A cat has 9 lives: A cat only has one life. The origin of this myth may stem back to ancient Egypt, but no-one really knows.

Myth 9 Black cats are unlucky: Completely untrue, but this myth lingers on and animal centres find it extremely hard to re-home black cats for this reason. It would seem that the black cats are the unlucky ones.

Myth 10 Cats can see in the dark: Partly true. They are, however, unable to see in complete darkness. They are able to see in low level light situations.

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