Bawburgh Village

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 is for Algarsthorpe.

 A small hamlet between Bawburgh and Marlingford, where there was once a monastery and vineyard, now just a farmhouse, and a ruined chapel, always connected to Bawburgh especially since pilgrims used to walk the route from Wymondham to Bawburgh via Algarsthorpe

 A is also for Mary Adams

A character from Bawburgh's distant past, who was employed at Lodge Farm which is situated at the most distant point of Bawburgh's eastern boundary, and which at the time was owned by a Mr. Woodbine. It has a fascinating history of its own (see L is for Lodge Farm). Mary Adams was hanged on 11th April 1791 for the crime of setting light to the outbuildings of Lodge Farm the previous year. She was held at Norwich Castle for three months awaiting trial - a member of the jury was curiously a Mr. William Clarke Woodbine!

A also stands for the Rev. Charles Addison

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Vicar of Bawburgh between 1932 and 1938. Bawburgh's long list of Vicars is explored under

 V is for the Vicars of Bawburgh.