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is for Charles Noverre,

 owner of Hillside (see H) at the turn of the Century.  In spite of his great success and high appointment outside Bawburgh, Charles Noverre endeared himself to the village, especially with his interest and generosity towards the Church. His connection with Bawburgh, stemmed from his promotion to the London office of Norwich Union, and a need to seek a quiet escape near to Norwich. Charles Noverre had made a name for himself locally during his 26 years at Norwich Union, as well as being well thought of for his charitable and literary attributes. He hailed from a very interesting family, which arrived from France in London in 1755. His Great-Uncle was the famous Chevalier Noverre, who was invited to appear in Drury Lane by David Garrick, in spite of great anti-French feeling at the time. Charles Noverre’s artistic leanings obviously stemmed from these ancestors—since both his Great-Grandfather (Augustin) and Grandfather (Francis) were ballet masters. However, when Francis came to Norwich late in the 18th Century, he became more famous as one of the original Directors of Norwich Union. Both his son, Frank and his grandson, Charles, were to follow him into the Insurance World. Having spent half his business life in Norwich, Charles remained in London after his retirement (in 1912) until his death (in 1920), but always retained his “little place in the country” - the house “Hillside”, on Stocks Hill, which remained in the Noverre family for 40 years, 1890—1930.

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