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Rev. Laura and Rev. Penny join forces

We welcome Rev. Laura back as Rector of the Easton Benefice, in October 2018, following her leave of absence of a year, having adopted her second son, Noah. Rev.Penny will continue to support her in this role for the foreseeable future.  We are grateful to Rev. Penny for covering Rev. Laura's absence and for all the hard work she has done in the Benefice during that time.  Rev. Laura can be contacted by telephone 01603 880257 or by email at .

The photos (thanks to David Goodman) show the dedication of the new Bawburgh votive candle tray which was put to good use at the All Saints Day Service 4th November. The photo on the left shows Rev. Laura (left) and Rev. Penny (right). Sue Knights, the Bawburgh churchwarden, joins them in the photo on the right.

Harvest and Dedication of the Noticeboard

St Mary and St Walstan's Harvest Festival Service and the dedication of the newly acquired Welcome Noticeboard took place on the 7th October 2018. It was a lovely autumn day with lots of sunshine, good for standing in the churchyard while Rev. Penny carried out the dedication of the noticeboard prior to the harvest festival service back in the church. All produce from harvest went to Food Bank. (Photo below shows produce from the Bawburgh School Harvest Service previously held in the Church a few days before).

Rev.Penny Dedicating the New Welcome Noticeboard - photo by David Goodman 

Dedicating the New Welcome Noticeboard - photo by David Goodman

Harvest Festival Produce in the Church - Photo by David Goodman