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Wildlife and Environment Photo Gallery

Lin Gibson, a Bawburgh resident, writes monthly wildlife articles for Bawburgh News under the title 'Wild About Bawburgh'. She would be pleased to hear from anyone who has an interesting local wildlife story, or would like to comment on one of her articles. She can be contacted on

Current photos of wildlife and our natural environment would be gratefully received for the photogallery.


View from Lady Julian Bridge - Dominic Gwilliam-Bell

Hornet's Nest Bawburgh Lakes - Dominic Gwilliam-Bell

Little Egret Watching Foxy Slinking by - Dominic Gwilliam-Bell

Cromer Pier and Beach - Dominic Gwilliam-Bell

Heron, Down the Hatch - Dominic Gwilliam-Bell

Great Crested Grebe with Young - Dominic Gwilliam-Bell

Marbled Orb-Weaver Spider - Dominic Gwilliam-Bell

Light Emerald Moth, Cringleford - Lin Gibson

 Grey Wagtail - Dominic Gwilliam-Bell

Harvest Super Moon - Dominic Gwilliam-Bell


Sunset over Bawburgh - Dominic Gwilliam-Bell

"Food Time" - Dominic Gwilliam-Bell

Harvest at Honingham Thorpe Farm - Dominic Gwilliam-Bell

Go Go Hares in the Flesh - Dominic Gwilliam-Bell

Dinner - Dominic Gwilliam-Bell

Honingham Thorpe Farm - Dominic Gwilliam-Bell

Deer - Dominic Gwilliam-Bell

The End of the Rainbow -  Dominic Gwilliam-Bell

Cormorants at Bawburgh Fisheries - Dominic Gwilliam-Bell