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Chicanes are showing a positive impact
February 2021

Here is the first set of comparative analysis taken from the SAM monitor facing south and recording vehicles heading north half way through the chicanes.  There are 4 important comparisons.

The average number of vehicles travelling per day over 35mph in a 24-hour period. This has nothing to do with traffic volumes due to Covid restrictions. 

  • Before the chicanes. 451. 
  • After the chicanes. 216 (a reduction of 52%) 

% of vehicles travelling over the 35 mph limit and over a 7-day period

  • Before the chicanes. 6%
  • After the chicanes. 3% (a further reduction of 50%)

The speed of the average "speeder"

  • Before the chicanes. 39.02 mph
  • After the chicanes. 38.67 mph (next to no difference)

The maximum speed recorded

  • Before the chicanes. 75mph
  • After the chicanes. 60mph


  • The chicanes rely on increased traffic flows to be more effective as they force drivers to stop, slow down or give way. Covid restrictions have significantly reduced traffic flows and therefore the effectiveness of the chicanes as a speed deterrent in this particular regard is lessened.  
  • We have seen a considerable reduction in the percentage of vehicles speeding. 
  • We have seen little difference in the average speed of “speeders” and this supports the feeling that if people want to speed, then (regardless of chicanes) they will.
  • The highest speed recorded has dropped to 60mph, still super scary through the chicanes!



Easing out of second lockdown
April 2021

Bawburgh Village Hall Committee, operating within government current guidance, is looking to re-open the hall from 21 June 2021 onwards for all events.

For village events, we are planning to open for

Coffee Morning on Saturday 3 July – with all the facilities available.

Social Nights can also recommence – so the first should be held on Fri 9 July

However it has been decided that the Annual Fete and Duck Race will not be held this year for various reasons.

Bawburgh Community Speedwatch Needs You!
August 2020

Bawburgh Community Speedwatch is in further need of volunteers to assist with speed monitoring within the village. You will need to be available for prearranged times of the day. Good eyesight and the ability to multitask are important, along with a good sense of humour!
If you are tired of speeding traffic in your village, then now is your chance to do something about it. Full training and equipment are provided.
Please contact the Parish Clerk, Nicola LeDain or email Mark Tudor.


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