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Terms and Conditions of Hire and Hiring Agreement

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  1. Custodian Trustees: Bawburgh Parish Council
  2. Managing Trustees: Bawburgh Village Hall Management Committee
  3. Premises: The Hall: Bawburgh Village Hall and Grounds
  4. Hirer: Responsible Hirer named on the Booking Form
  1. Applications for hire of the Village Hall to be made to the Bookings Secretary.
  2. The right to refuse any application for hire of the Village Hall is reserved to the Management Committee Chair or Booking Secretary, without giving any reason, but must be reported at the next meeting of the Management Committee.
  1. All Hire Charges are payable in advance.
  2. A NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit must be paid with the Booking Form. This will be 25% of the hire charge. If booking is within 6 weeks of the event, full payment is required.
  3. A REFUNDABLE damage deposit must be paid, as detailed on the Charges Form. If any damage has occurred or if the hall is not cleared and all rubbish and waste removed at the end of the event, the damage deposit will be forfeited.
  4. All charges and deposits must be paid in full at least one calendar month before the event takes place.
  5. Block Bookings must be paid MONTHLY in ADVANCE.
  6. At the end of the Hire Period, all equipment must be returned to its proper place, and the Hall left clean and tidy.
  7. Hirers shall only use the Hall for the purposes stated on the Booking Form. No sub-letting is permitted. The Premises may not be used for any Unlawful Event or Means.
  8. The Management Committee reserve the right to cancel any booking, by giving ten days’ notice in writing, and will refund any monies that have been paid. The Committee will not be liable or responsible for any other costs incurred by the Hirer.
  9. The Hirer must report any accident involving injury to any person using the Hall, within a maximum of 48 hours; any incident or damage, or equipment failure during the hire, to the Bookings Secretary or member of the Committee.
  10. All Hirers are responsible for the following during their period of hire:-
    1. Any damage to the equipment, Hall and outside areas.
    2. Safety of all people using the Hall.
    3. To ensure that music and noise is not so excessive as to cause a nuisance to residents in the neighbourhood
  11. Car Parking
    1. Please respect the Disabled Parking bays at the entrance.
    2. Ensure as far as possible the safety of vehicles arriving and leaving the premises.
    3. N.B. – the additional car park will be LOCKED 30 minutes after the end of any event or hire period
    Hirers may not use any equipment on the Premises without the permission of the Booking Secretary, e.g. music, disco, karaoke or any other type of high voltage equipment.
  12. A standard hourly rate may be charged for extra hours requested outside the original agreed booking period (eg setting-up time)
  1. Wedding Hire (day of wedding) is £250 – non-resident, £200 – resident.
  2. Set-up / Take down fees are subject to an hourly charge (£19.00 per hour)
  3. Damage deposit is £150
  4. Once booking confirmed and upon receipt of booking form, payment of 50% shall be paid with £150 damage deposit via electronic bank transfer.
  5. Four hours of bar will be at a charge of £100, if required. Extra hours can be requested at a charge of £25 per hour. If staff are employed to work the bar and they cannot gain access to the bar, staff wages will be taken out of the damage deposit.
  6. No alcohol to be bought into the hall without express permission from booking secretary. If this is agreed, hirers will need to supply their own drinks glasses (hire is available at Majestic Wines, Waitrose, Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s)
  7. Caterers/Wedding Venue Styling to liaise with booking secretary for needs upon discussion with Bride/Groom i.e. extra catering equipment/fridges/venue decorations etc
  8. Refunds of booking fees on cancellation of booking will be made as follows:
    1. more than 6 months before the booked date – 90% refund
    2. between 6 and 3 months before the booked date – 50% refund
    3. less than 3 months before the booked date – 10% refund
  1. Hirers may cancel bookings by giving at least 2 weeks’notice.
  2. If a Hirer cancels a booking with at least 14 days’ notice being given, the deposit will be retained but the hiring charge will be refunded.
  3. Cancellations made with less than 2 weeks’ notice are liable to a payment of the whole hiring charge.
  4. Requests for cancellations are to be submitted by email or in writing.
  5. Should a call-out to the Village Hall be required as a result of a fault caused by the Hirer, a call-out charge will be deducted from the Hirer’s deposit.

Unless using the Bar facilities of the Hall, - no intoxicating [alcoholic] liquors are permitted to be bought, sold or consumed on any part of the Premises, without the express permission in writing of the Committee and the Licensee, whose consent must be obtained prior to seeking any temporary licence for the sale of any alcoholic liquor.

  1. These Premises are licensed for public dancing, music, public displays, contests and exhibitions of sports, or similar types of entertainment, from:-
    • 13.00 - 24.00 hours, Monday – Saturday,
    • 13.00 – 23.30 hours on Sundays, and some Bank Holidays
    • 19.00 – 23.30 hours on Christmas Eve.
    • For New Year, special arrangements apply.
  2. We are NOT licensed for Stage Performances, (e.g. drama). Six weeks’ notice must be given and a special licence must be obtained and a copy provided to the Committee.
  3. All conditions of granting of public Entertainment Licences and Theatre Licences must be STRICTLY OBSERVED. Nothing shall be done to endanger the safety of people, or render invalid the insurance relating to the Premises or its contents.
  4. These Premises are licensed with the Performing Rights Society for the performance of copyright music, controlled by that society.
  5. These Premises are licensed with Phonographic Performance Ltd., for the use of recorded music controlled by that organisation, e.g. records, CDs, DVDs, or tapes.
  6. Nothing shall be done on/and or in relation to the Premises, in contravention of the law relating to Betting, Gaming and Lotteries, and the Hirer shall be responsible for seeing that the relevant legislation is STRICTLY OBSERVED.
  1. No obstructions are to be placed in exits or gangways.
  2. Fire Appliances are inspected at regular intervals, and must be left in their proper places, and not used for any purpose other than fire fighting.
  3. The FIRE INSTRUCTIONS are displayed in the Entrance Lobby.
  1. All rubbish must be removed and taken away by the Hirer at the end of the hire period as there are no facilities for hirers to dispose of rubbish. In particular catering waste must be cleared as this is a health hazard.
  2. No dogs, or any other animals, except GUIDE DOGS, are allowed on the Premises without express permission of the Committee.

No Ball Games, roller skating, skate boarding, cycling or scooter riding is permitted inside the hall.

The Village Hall is NO SMOKING premises. Bins are provided outside the front entrance for the use of smokers. Please place cigarette ends in these bins.

  1. These rules may be altered, or additional rules added at any time, by the Committee, provided the Terms of the Constitution and any Statutory Conditions are observed.
  2. These Terms and Conditions must be strictly adhered to.
  3. All Hirers must read and understand the Terms and Conditions of Hire, and sign and date the Hiring and Booking Form, to confirm that the Hirers have understood them.
  4. The Hire Rates may be reviewed annually. The current Hire Tariffs are available from the Bookings Secretary and on the Village Website at
  1. When used for dancing -
    • Main Hall 234
    • Committee Room 50
    • Combined 299
  2. When used for functions utilising seating at tables –
    • Main Hall 90
    • Committee Room 50
    • Combined 138
  3. When combining (a) and (b) above –
    • Main Hall 117
    • Committee Room 50
    • Combined 189
  4. When used for close-seated audience –
    • Main Hall 234
    • Committee Room 50
    • Combined 299

Bookings for parties hosted by under 18s will not be accepted but, if an adult is to be present, any booking is taken at the discretion of the Committee. For parties hosted by or for those aged between 18 – 25 years old, double the normal damage deposit in cash must be paid.