Bawburgh Village

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Conservation Area

Bawburgh Conservation Area is one of the most attractive and relatively unspoilt small villages in South Norfolk. It is situated in the valley of the River Yare and has two ranges of historic buildings grouped either side of an 18th century bridge over the river, with attractive river meadows either side. Its location around the river meadows with higher land to the south, west and northwest sides allows for longer views of the area on approach from the south side. For Norfolk, which is relatively flat, this provides a landscape of more dramatic contours.

During 2016 and 2017 South Norfolk District Council carried out a conservation area appraisal and consultation, and the Bawburgh Area Character Appraisal and Management Guidelines were adopted in December 2017.  The full document is available on the South Norfolk website:

 Bawburgh Area Character Appraisal and Management Guidelines

There are 17 listed buildings in the village: Grade 1 – 1 (the Church of St Mary & St Walstan), Grade 2* - 4, and 12 Grade 2 (13 if you count the Bridge). Two of the Grade 2* buildings (the so-called Slipper House and Dovecote) are also designated Ancient Monuments, as is the Bridge.

Living in the Conservation Area means that, as far as trees are concerned, all mature trees are assumed to have a Tree Preservation Order, and may not be felled without permission. Any building alterations or planning applications are closely scrutinised to maintain the integrity of the area. This doesn’t mean you can’t have new windows or double glazing, or a conservatory, but for many these have to be of wood. Solar power may be an issue if in a prominent position. The restrictions are many and complex, but are all in support of maintaining the centre of the village in more or less the same condition - Some may think things should always stay the same, others may consider things should move and develop, albeit in a controlled way in an area such as the one we are fortunate enough to live in. However, the sensitivity of any change has to be very carefully considered.