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Betty and Rob 2016 at Betty's Handover - Jenny Press

Our village newsletter, Bawburgh News, has pages filled with news articles, some old and some new. Familiar series such as: stories of people from around Norfolk, history, poetry corner, Bawburgh Voices and local wildlife, will fill our columns thanks to our resident contributors, and other pages will provide a platform for news from the Church, Parish Council and Village Hall to inform the village of their goings-on.  This monthly magazine is distributed to nearly all households in Bawburgh, and around 20 are sent by post to other parts of the country.  If you would like to receive Bawburgh News or if you would like to advertise in the magazine, please email the editor at 

The magazine was started in 1983 by then-resident Carol Twinch, who left the village in 1991 and the magazine responsibility then passed to Betty Martins until end 2016, to be passed in turn to Rob Anthony.

Copy date is the 20th of the preceding month, and distribution is effected during the last weekend of each month. The printed version contains up to date news of the goings on within the village. As of 2023 the price will be £5 per annum for those in the village and £13 per annum for those who get their News posted to them.

The magazine also produces a large historical record of the village and a diary of forthcoming events and a Who's Who of the village.  To add to any of these features email the editor at 

Regular features of the magazine include: 

The Editor is always open to more ideas and, during the year, publishes many photos sent in from villagers. Please send your photos for publication