Bawburgh Village

Iconic Pictures of Bawburgh

Bawburgh 1950s, 'Washing on the Green', Shows Mill, Mill Cottages, Black Poplar - from the Archives
New Years Dip 2015 - Pamela Ross
January 2019, Magical Mists- Jenny Press
January 2013, St Walstan's Church - Jenny Press
January 2016 Floods on the Green - Averyl Richards
February 2019, Early Morning Bawburgh Lakes - Dominic Gwilliam-Bell
March 2018, Church in the Mist - Steve Brolly
March 2007 Our Green - from the archives
Iconic Sparrows Hill in April - Pamela Ross
April 2015, A storm is brewing - Lin Gibson
May 2015, St Walstan's Day Procession to the well - Robin Green
June 2018 Poppy Fields - Dominic Gwilliam-Bell
Summer Fete and Duck Race Day - Jenny Press
August 2018, Rainbow over the Harvest - Dominic Gwilliam-Bell
August 2018, Sunset, Overlooking Bawburgh - Dominic Gwilliam-Bell
October 2018, Early Morning at Bawburgh Lakes - Dominic Gwilliam-Bell