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is for Robert Grote 

who is immortalised on the floor of the church - in brass. He is special, in that his brass is but 9", the smallest brass in the aisle of Bawburgh Church, and is alongside his wife Agnes, whose brass is now missing. The brass is dated 1500.

G is also for The Rev. Eric Griffiths

For more information see V is for the Vicars of Bawburghwho was incumbent at Bawburgh Church for only 15 months between 1958 and 1959. Betty Martins (Editor for Bawburgh News until end 2016)  had the benefit of meeting Eric Griffiths 40 years after he left, during 1999, when he spent his summer holidays in the village.

G is also for Percy Garrod

a character, whose depth of local knowledge of the village and keenness to extend it, was unsurpassed. Percy was Press Correspondent for Bawburgh from 1947 until 1974, and through this, gained a wealth of facts and photographs, as well as his general interest in things mechanical, artistic, musical and historical. Mr. Garrod, aged 102, continued to produce articles and provide photographs for Bawburgh News issues. He passed away in 2012. The following obituary was written by Betty Martins and published in the July 2012 issue of Bawburgh News.

(Reginald) Percy Garrod 1909-2012

My first recollection of many visits I made to Percy at The Rookery was the privileged viewing of his Den of books - not a fiction amongst them he told me! This summed up his long life, always interested in facts - even as technology progressed, he was always wanting to keep up. But he had a basic need to live the Good Life, growing his own produce and making his own power with wind and his own honey with bees and indeed his own water from the spring in the garden. Percy sadly lost his wife Gladys just before their 70th Wedding anniversary, and he had to have extra care at the Robert Kett Court during the last few years of his life. He remained positive and interested but did not like his lessening abilities. Music was a mainstay of his interests - and after an early teaching career (woodwork) he turned this skill to repairing and making his own musical instruments. He would often demonstrate his musical skills and was able to take centre stage with his violin at the opening of both the old and the new Bawburgh Village Halls. His house and indeed his last home was surrounded by his own drawings - he loved to paint outdoors. Leaving the best to last, Percy was a communicator. And this he did firstly with his appointment as Press Correspondent for Bawburgh in 1947. He continued right up until his last years to be interested and contribute to Bawburgh News, with the immense knowledge and archive he had built up. The Garrod Archives filled Bawburgh News pages, when he handed over his scrapbooks a few years ago - his first photos on the plate system, but latterly even a digital camera! This sums up Percy's long, interesting and full life. At whatever age you asked - his life's work was not complete. He had lists of articles to be published - and was insistent his Bawburgh News contributions be updated in a special 'Mixed Bag' of articles originally published in 2002, to celebrate his own Centenary in 2009. An impossibility to sum up Percy's huge life in a half-page obituary. Suffice it to say he will live on with his photographs and historic articles. Percy died on 8th June 2012 and his funeral at Little Melton on 20th June, met yet another copy date! Little Melton church was full to overflowing and the funeral conducted exactly as he had wished. Our sincere condolences to Sue and Liz and their families - what a library of memories they have!

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