Bawburgh Village

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is for the Jacksons

Wilhelmina and Frederick Jackson arrived at Bawburgh School, in 1892, and found that there was much to be done.  Frederick, a stern headmaster, took it "by the scruff of its neck" and after 32 years and 8 months, was declared an exceptional head, running a rigid regime, but left with great affection for not only his pupils but the village of Bawburgh.  Whether it was a two-way affection, is open to debate!  His wife, known as Minnie, helped as Assistant and Sewing teacher. The family lived in the School House with children May, Alfred and Reggie until 1925.  There is no doubt that during the Jackson's stay in Bawburgh, they were very much part of the social circle, along with Rev. Young who arrived at the Vicarage with his family the same year, the Childs who ran the Mill from 1912, and the Sparrow family at Church Farm. 

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