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The Kings Head, 2008



The Kings Head has been an asset to the village for more than 200 years, when a Mr. Hart, after whom the Lane was named where the pub is situated, let the property, which had been built 180 years before (that is in 1602), as a pub, and named it the Kings Head.  Edward I (1272-1307), was used on the pub sign, when the pub was a “Morgans” pub and under tenants Billie Johnson and Billie Howlett (from the 1930s through to the 1950s). The cottages on the road (right) were lived in separately. Morgans Brewery was subsequently taken over by Watney Mann, and the big conglomerate closed the only remaining hostelry in Bawburgh in 1975 - much to the consternation of the village. Sadly, the property was boarded up, having been a vibrant part of the village, since 1784.

However, new life was breathed into the building, when late in 1976, the Kings Head Sporting Club was born, and with it a new Kings Head - Edward VII chosen by Anton Wimmer as a suitable icon for today’s pleasures—the King being known as a “sportsman and bon viveur”.

Throughout the twentieth century, the Kings Head, Bawburgh, has been known as a lively venue.  The advent of Squash, brought Bawburgh up to date, when John Abbot and Barry Mathews bought the shell of the 350 year old property in 1976 and built the squash courts (not without vocal fears of the village) and renovated the tumbling down house with the curvy roof. Thanks to them, and of course  Pam and Anton and their team, the Kings Head still flourishes. The Kings Head dates back to the 17th century - it has a traditional feel of inglenook fireplaces and low beamed ceilings. Fresh food is carefully prepared and beautifully cooked.  But it has moved with the times - check out their website at   

The Kings Head survived alongside, but not without rivalry, its neighbour The Cock, which closed in 1962. 

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