Bawburgh Village


is for John Osborne,

a contemporary of Charles Noverre, who was Parish Clerk for 44 years, until 1912, and following Robert Matthews (see M).  John Osborne was around at the same time as Charles Noverre —only longer! He died in 1912, at the great age of 92. He had spent all his life in Bawburgh, was dedicated to the Church and held the position of Sexton/Churchwarden and Parish Clerk for 44 years, only 2 years short of Robert Matthews’ record. John Osborne’s mother came from Bawburgh, but unfortunately he was never to know his father, who died in a harvesting accident. He lived in Church Street, close by Charles Noverre’s “Hillside”, but their lives could not have been more different! His life was Bawburgh, and the Church he loved, in contrast to Charles Noverre, who had enjoyed wealth and success in London. The gentlemen must have been well-known to each other, with their interest in Bawburgh Church overlapping for at least 20 years.

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