Bawburgh Village

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is for the 4 Xs on the Bridge.

Bawburgh Bridge is over 200 years old and is Scheduled Ancient Monument No. Norfolk 348. It is also No. 12721 on the Sites and Monuments Record. It was put on this schedule in 1976, but described in 1977 as “not worthy of comment”. However, during a re-visit in 1979 it was described as “A pleasant bridge”. Official information from the County Surveyor in 1866 (from the Local History Library) describes its three semi-circular arches, built with brick, its centre arch with a 16’3” span, with outer arches of 13’8” and a parapet 3’8” above the road. It is coned with 6” saddleback Portland stone, and the roadway is 13’8” wide. It was built between 1750 and 1800. 

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