Bawburgh Village

Community Car Scheme

Bawburgh Community Car Scheme – Coordinator Required

Since 1978, Bawburgh’s Community Car Scheme (CCS) has provided essential transport for villagers for medical appointments (details below). As I am moving from Bawburgh very soon, a new coordinator is urgently required - or the scheme will regrettably have to cease. We have a handful of customers who still use the scheme occasionally. Some IT skills are required for this role too, coordinating our links with Norfolk County Council who still fund a small annual grant. Please contact me to discuss taking over this volunteer task so I can handover as soon as possible.

David Goodman
01603 748741

What is it?

A pool of local volunteer drivers use their own cars to take passengers on certain journeys for which there are no suitable public transport facilities e.g. Doctor’s surgeries (and in some circumstances to the hospital). Fares are charged and drivers receive a mileage allowance. The scheme was set up in 1979 and provides a valuable service to the local community.

Bawburgh Community Car Scheme is a member of the Norfolk Community Transport Association.

How much will it cost?

Return fares to Doctor’s surgeries and clinics:

  Hethersett £2:00

  Roundwell, Costessey £2:00
  Beechcroft, Costessey £2:00
  Bowthorpe Clinic £2:00
  N&NU Hospital, Colney £2:00
  Colman Road Clinic £2:50
  Taverham £3:00
  West Norwich Hospital £3:00

Repeat Prescriptions

These can be collected from any Doctor’s surgeries at a charge of £2:00.

How do I make a booking?

If you want to use the Community Car Scheme you should book your journey by ringing David Goodman on 01603 748741. Please give as much notice as possible of your need to travel although we will always do our best to help when we can.

If David is unavailable please ring Jenny Press (01603 744704), John Willimott (01603 745860) or Christine Hollidge (01603 749364)

Would you like to be a volunteer driver?

The Bawburgh Community Car Scheme is an important service provided by a pool of volunteer drivers. If you have the use of a car and some spare time during the day then the organiser would be very pleased to hear from you; please contact David Goodman on 01603 748741. A mileage rate of 38p per mile is paid.

This service receives financial support from Norfolk County Council.