Bawburgh Village

Oil Economy Group

Buying central-heating oil collectively enables members to get the best price available at the time of ordering.

Order forms are available at the shop and must be handed in to the Little Melton Village Store by the first Tuesday in the selected month, for delivery on the Friday or early the following week although no specific date can be given.  Orders are then collected on the Tuesday 6pm from the shop, for collation on the Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.  The oil companies will then be contacted to obtain the most advantageous price on the Wednesday or Thursday.  Deliveries will be made as if members had ordered individually. Each delivery will be accompanied by the normal delivery note/invoice. Each member will be responsible for the payment of his/her own invoice.  Contracts will be with the supplier and not with the LITTLE MELTON OIL ECONOMY GROUP. The GROUP will not handle money, and will only act as a voluntary service to co-ordinate the central heating oil requirements of interested parties in the villages, and to negotiate with suppliers. This will enable suppliers to make economies in their deliveries, which they, in turn, will pass on to the members of the Group.

The system will work as follows:-

  1. Order forms are your responsibility; they can be downloaded or printed by clicking the button on this page, they can be photocopied, or obtained from the Village Store, School Lane, Little Melton.
  2. The months the scheme is operated are:
    • February
    • May
    • August
    • November
  3. There is as minimum order of 500 litres per individual delivery. This is controlled by the Government, and not by the oil companies.
  4. You do not have to order on each order date. You can manage your oil deliveries just as you otherwise would. The only difference is that you will need to decide whether or not you need a delivery as each date approaches.
  5. You will be responsible for placing your order and handing it in to the Village Store, School Lane, Little Melton, a charge of 25 pence will be made when the form is handed in.. Order forms will not be accepted after 6pm on the due date.
  6. Deliveries will be made either on the first Friday or else the following week. N.B. No specific day can be given.
  7. You will be responsible for settling your account with the supplier and conforming to the supplier’s terms and conditions. Please pay the driver cash or cheque on delivery, other payments by telephone or post to the company within 7 days. There could be a Credit Card charge of 2% when paying
  8. Control remains with each member. You order if you want oil. If you do not order, no oil will be delivered.