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is for the Queen Mother!

Thanks to Percy Garrod comes this contribution. Percy was Press Correspondent for Bawburgh for 27 years between 1947 and 1974 (see G for Garrod), but he explains this article has little to do with that, and more to do with his being Press Secretary of the Norfolk Beekeepers’ Association, during the 1950s, in which capacity he had been asked to take a particular photograph - and his ability to talk himself out of trouble!

"The Queen Mother was attending the 1950 Royal Norfolk Agricultural Show, with daughter Margaret, during which they toured the Stands, of which the N.B.A. was one. It so happened I had arranged to meet my father, beneath that then recognised place, the Clock Tower, at 12 noon. It so happened that the Royal party was due in that “bee tent” also at 12. I heard it rumoured that the party was running 20 minutes late, I thought that to be fine; met my Father as arranged: appraised him of the position plus arrangements for later, then went on my way across the Showground. But, talk about “bees around the honey pot” when I arrived, the crowd was so dense around the entrance, indicating the Party was already inside, which meant there wasn’t a “hope in heaven” of getting inside, even if in the unlikely hope of the protective personnel allowing it, when matters were already under way. I didn’t try, but skirted the outside, hoping to find some chink, through which to put the camera lens. By a real stroke of good luck, I saw a sagging canvas wall, allowing not only the camera, but me also to get an inside view, excepting I was not tall enough. My wooden camera box provided the answer—for me to stand upon. Luck was still with me. The gap was in line with a gangway and there in the distance, coming slowly towards me, were those Royal Members. Quickly focusing—snap number one.  Then the same again. Then just as I was going to refocus for a third time, now of course, very near, I felt a tug at my jacket. I still hear myself saying “Just a Minute! Just a Minute!” and took that third one, even if unable to do that refocusing, was then partly pulled and partly stepped down. There, facing and asking questions was a person who was actually one of the private detectives. He was satisfied with what he saw, and my explanation, but this could well have been a serious situation.” 

Percy Garrod.

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